When you fasten hardwood flooring, you need to have the right tools. Our selection of cleat nailers drive nails and cleats into the wood surface quickly and effectively with pneumatic power. You’ll reduce fatigue, so you can work longer and more effectively. Shoot cleats with precision. Shop hardwood floor fasteners and nails guns at Panel Town.

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Powernail 445 445SN Nailer Driving Blade


deb stoko® Kresto® Special ULTRA Hand Cleanser – 250 mL


Dewalt 2 in 1 Flooring Tool


Powernail 445LSW 16G Cleat Nailer


Powernail 50P Flex Power Roller


Powernail Steel Staple Pusher for all 445FS Model-Pneumatic 15.5-Gauge Flooring Staplers


Powernail 50P FLEX Roller 18 Gage Pneumatic Nailer


Powernail 2000F Pneumatic 20 Gauge Cleat Nailer


ProDriveHD 18-GA L-Cleat Flooring Nailer

ProDriveHD 16-GA L-Cleat Flooring Nailer

ProDriveHD 18-Gauge Engineering Flooring Stapler

Powernail 50F Nailer