Our floor fasteners are manufactured to keep your floor secure. With these staples and nails, you’ll install your floor in no time at all. Flooring installation is easier when you have the right floor fasteners firmly in place. Shop from a variety of floor fasteners at Panel Town.

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Powernail Powercleat 18 Gauge L-Cleats – 5,000


Bostitch MIII Staples 15.5GA, 2″L x 1/2″Crown


Powernail Powercleat 16 Gauge L-Cleat Cleat Nails – Case of 5,000


Bostitch SX50351-3/8G Staples


Powernail Powercleat 20 Gauge L-Cleat HD Cleat Nails – Case of 5,000


Powernail Powercleat 16 Gage L-Cleats – 1,000


Bostitch SX50351-1/4G Staples


ProDriveHD 18-GA Finish Nails

ProDriveHD 16-GA No Angle Brad Head Finish Nails

ProDrive 15-GA 25° FN Series Brad Nails

ProDriveHD 15-GA 34° DA Series Brad Nails

ProDriveHD 23-GA Headless Micro Pin Nails