Order wood filler putty, a type of adhesive that’s used to fill in the gaps between wood planks. You can use it to repair scratches or dents in wood surfaces. Wood filler putty comes in a variety of colors, so it can be matched with the surrounding wood surface. Shop wood filler putty in store or online at Panel Town & Floor.

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Woodwise Full Trowel Hardwood Floor Filler (1 Gallon)


Roberts Wood, Laminate, and Vinyl Putty – 3oz


Woodwise Powdered Wood Filler – 14lb Bag


Woodwise Wood Patch – 14oz


Woodwise Full Trowel Filler – 3.5 Gallons


Woodwise Wood Patch


Bona Pacific Filler


Color Putty Wood Putty 3.68oz


Color Putty Wood Putty 1 Lb. Jar


Woodwise Pre-Finish Filler, White Oak – 7.5oz