4 Things You Need to Know Before Picking Out a Hardwood Floor

We make decisions every day and if you are a homeowner, picking out a hardwood/vinyl floor is one of them. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better your choice will be for the type of flooring you have installed. There are four areas to hone in on when going about the process online or in the store: sheen, texture, shade and size. Each of these not only helps you understand what type of hardwood/vinyl flooring you need but gives you the end result you desire. Let’s dive in to these four areas, shall we?

1. Sheen

Just like paint, flooring sheen has a variety of finishes. Levels of sheen to consider in hardwood flooring are matte, satin, semi-gloss and glossy. A matte finish can give off a natural aesthetic and hide imperfections that happen with wear. A satin hardwood floor coating adds a touch of glossiness and yet can still hide scratches. A semi-gloss finish will give you the shine you want and is popular to choose if you are in-between matte and glossy. A glossy finish is going to have much more light reflect off the floors and show the majority of imperfections.

2. Texture

When it comes to figuring out the style and dimension you want your flooring to have, texture is key. There are a variety of texture options but we will focus on the top four. A smooth texture provides a timeless feel and is a popular choice. It is known to enhance the beauty of a room but can show scratches easily. A hand-scraped texture gives off a more casual vibe. It has a range from subtle to extreme. A distressed texture gives off an antique feel and often makes the floor to look quite lived on. A distressed texture adds more interest to a floor without overdoing it. It’s the preferred choice if deciding between smooth and hand-scraped.

3. Shade

Light or Dark? Warm or Cool Tones? These are all factors to consider when deciding the shade of your hardwood/vinyl flooring. Your furniture, lighting and wall color also come into play when deciding the perfect shade. If you are looking for an open and sunnier feel, you might steer towards a lighter shade of flooring. If you are wanting more of a dramatic effect, going with a darker shade will help you achieve that. Wanting a cool calm vibe? Going with a gray shade will steer you in that direction. Just keep in mind the elements your home has when choosing the right flooring shade for you.

4. Size

There are a number of size options available when it comes to hardwood/vinyl flooring. If you are looking for a consistent, clean look, you should steer towards panels of the same width. If you want to add more interest and character, pick out a few different size panels mixed together. As you decide the size of flooring, pay attention to your home’s existing ambience with the goal to compliment it.

When the time comes to pick out hardwood/vinyl flooring, these four areas provide great guidance in assisting with your decision. Visit different hardwood flooring suppliers and take your time in looking at different sheens, textures, shades and sizes before choosing your hardwood floors. You won’t regret slowing the process down and you will have the end result of being well-satisfied!

Article contributed by Kimberly Fairfax McPheron, Local Columbus Blogger

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