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  1. How-To Store Wood Projects for Winter

    Putting some of your wood projects on pause for the winter means you'll have to find a good place to store them. In order to safely preserve scraps and pieces of reclaimed wood, you need a dry spot. Here are some tips on properly storing wood projects for the winter: Workshop If you have an area that you use as...
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  2. Wood Projects for Halloween

    The traditions of Halloween call for activities like telling scary stories, playing pranks, trick or treating, besides costume parties, the carving of pumpkins and others. You can keep visitors to your home enthralled and excited if you have porch decorating in the form of wood projects that further the spirit of that day of observance. The objective of these wood...
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  3. How to Create a Wood-Plank Wall

    Instantly add depth, texture, and natural beauty to any room in your home with a wood-plank wall. It's both easy and inexpensive to do and will create a focal feature for a space using reclaimed wood. Here's a simple how-to to help you create a wood-plank wall: Choose the Wall The first step is to choose the wall that you...
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  4. How to Incorporate a Barn Door

    Bring the beauty of a barn door crafted out of reclaimed wood into your home. Whether you prefer a more rustic style or a look that's more modern, it's surprisingly easy to add wood in different ways. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate a barn door into your home's interior design: Close-Off a Closet or Pantry Use a...
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  5. Don't Have a Tool? We Do!

    Many people enjoy doing DIY projects to save money or merely because they find such activity enjoyable. However, whether one is a builder in need of various tools or a homeowner working on an individual project, renting equipment is often an ideal course of action to ensure satisfactory results. For this reason, it is important to have a reliable company...
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  6. Why We Love Bona Cleaning Products

    Once you install brand new beautiful hardwood flooring in your home, you want to keep it looking great for years to come. Proper care will ensure that your floors shine. That's why choosing the right cleaning products designed specifically for hardwood is so essential. We love Bona cleaning products, and we know that our customers will too. Here are just...
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  7. Mantels & Beams: Hidden Gems of Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular for a variety of DIY projects. It adds an unmatched beauty and rustic charm to any room. The Reclaimed Barn is pleased to be able to offer reclaimed wood that's ideal for many affordable, stylish home projects. If you're looking for ways to enhance the design of rooms in your home, consider mantels and...
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  8. Reclaimed Wood in Your Office

    The interior design of any office should reflect the personality of the individual who uses the space. Regarding office decor, you have likely noticed many different designs trending throughout various decades. However, although decorating ideas come and go, certain interior designs are timeless. Reclaimed wood is a perfect example of a trend that never goes out of style. For this...
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  9. Live Edge Slabs: The Newest Trend

    One of the hottest decor and flooring trends today is using live edge slabs, and our sister company The Reclaimed Barn has all the style and product for you to browse. This style of wood adds a natural, rustic beauty to any room. There are many DIY options for using live edge wood slabs. Here are a few reasons why...
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  10. Sustainability of Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in home decor and interior design. It's appreciated for its natural aged beauty, durability and most importantly, its sustainability. Wood can be re-purposed in many ways, and wood from an old building or structure can be given new life in a home. Good for the environment One of the benefits of reclaimed wood is...
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