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  1. Tips On How To Clean Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is long-lasting, durable and attractive, even under high-traffic conditions. However, such flooring is certainly not indestructible, and therefore it is important to sweep and vacuum away debris, as well as wipe and mop such floors on a regular basis. Fortunately, cleaning vinyl floors is a fairly inexpensive and straightforward process. The tips outlined below will help you keep...
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  2. 5 Steps to Installing Hardwood Flooring for an Elegant Interior Design Project

    Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices of flooring because it is versatile, comes in many colors and adds an elegant touch to interior designs. Before you even begin the installation process, you are going to need to choose the flooring. Different types of wood may vary in the manner of installation, but all will follow the same...
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  3. How to Choose the Right Flooring for a New Home

    Selecting floors for your home does not need to be difficult, but you should carefully consider all your options. For example, you may opt for a laminate floor or vinyl floor for your kitchen, bathroom and children's rooms, but prefer a hardwood floor in your living room and bedroom. The perfect flooring material exists for every room in your new...
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  4. Tips For Planning Your Next DIY Project

    The most common mistake made when planning DIY projects is trying to remodel or upgrade without doing proper research. This can lead to additional costs if you have to call a professional to fix any errors you make. Fortunately, you can avoid DIY mistakes with appropriate planning and research, and by following the tips outlined below.  Thoroughly Research the Project's...
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  5. How Do I Budget for a Floor Remodeling Project?

    Most homeowners agree it is worthwhile to replace worn out flooring with new, updated materials. Not only is this a good investment, it also adds beauty to your home's interior. Nevertheless, there are many details to consider before deciding to install new flooring in your home. One of the first details is determining a budget. Here are some tips for...
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  6. Tips for Protecting Your Floors During Winter

    Winter weather can bring beauty with snow, but it can also cause problems for your flooring. It's important to take some extra steps to protect floors from the damage that snow, salt, and water can cause. Whether you have hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, here are some helpful tips for protecting your floors during winter weather conditions. Keep Wet Shoes...
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  7. Can Upgrading My Floors Increase Home Value?

    When considering installing new flooring in your home, budget usually plays an important role. You may want to spend more to get a high-quality, attractive floor that you'll love. You will also need to make sure it's a good investment to make in your home. A home upgrade can increase the value of your property, in addition to giving you...
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  8. Where Do I Start With My 2018 Floor Remodel?

    The new year is here, so you may be contemplating a few home projects or remodels. You may want to change the color of your walls, your furniture, or your floors. Doing a floor remodel can change the entire look and feel of your house. Read below to learn about different flooring options available before making a decision for your...
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  9. How Do I Select the Right Floor Installation Contractor?

    When it comes time to install new flooring in your home, you want to hire a professional who has the experience and skills necessary to complete the work without hassle. Here are some tips to consider when selecting a floor installation contractor. They will ensure you protect your investment and get the most for your money. Does the Contractor Have...
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  10. What Are the Best Flooring Options for Winter?

    When looking at the best flooring options for your home, it's important to consider how seasonal changes will affect them. The weather can impact the condition of floors, as well as our health. From allergies to wet shoes, there is a lot to keep in mind when thinking about the right choice for durable, quality floors. Here's a look at...
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