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  1. Hardwood, Reclaimed, Laminate, and Other Flooring Blowout Sale!

    Panel Town & Floors will be having a huge flooring blowout sale from Thursday, December 7th through Saturday, December 9th. Take advantage of some amazing flooring specials during our Inventory Blowout Sale. This sale is running for three days only, so don't miss out on discounted rates for hardwood, reclaimed, laminate, and other flooring! Our sale flooring prices start as low...
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  2. How Do You Restore Hardwood Floors?

    Older homes often have beautiful hardwood floors hidden under carpeting or are unkempt and dirty. If you are purchasing one of these homes, or are a current homeowner with these floors, you may want to know how to clean up or restore the floors depending on the condition. Below are some tips on wood restoration and caring for hardwood floors...
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  3. Wood Projects for First-Timers

    Working with wood does not have to be difficult. With a bit of patience, you can choose some simple wood designs and tackle a few easy projects. First-time woodwork can be quite fulfilling. Here are some great beginner level ideas. DIY Picture Frame Everyone loves to display pictures of loved ones. It helps to evoke special memories. Now, you can...
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  4. Decorating for Turkey Day

    When hosting the Thanksgiving holiday meal, you want your home to look its best. Rustic decorations add both charm and warmth. From wood decor to natural elements, there are many ways to go about holiday decorating with a rustic twist. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your home for turkey day: Create an Inviting Table The dinner table...
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  5. How to Get a Rustic Look in Your Home

    Rustic decorating has become increasingly popular lately. It combines a classic, cozy style with a modern take on farmhouse chic. From simple decor items to focal features in a room, there are many easy ways to add rustic charm to your interior design. Here are some ideas to help you get the rustic look you've dreamed of: Reclaimed Barn Doors...
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  6. How to Incorporate Live Edge Pieces to Your Home

    When you allow the natural edge of the wood to be shown in any piece of furniture you will be exhibiting this edge as part of the design. Live edge wood design style will often use gnarly wood, salvaged wood and other types of wood that is not used in conventional woodworking. The Technique Working with this type of wood...
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  7. Preserving Outdoor Wood Projects

    Trees have been used for construction from times immemorial. Wood from trees has been used both for indoor and outdoor purposes, to make structures for homes and various items of furniture that can help in the quality of life. Why Do You Need to Preserve Wood? Wood is a natural product that is vulnerable to the effects of weather, the...
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  8. How-To Store Wood Projects for Winter

    Putting some of your wood projects on pause for the winter means you'll have to find a good place to store them. In order to safely preserve scraps and pieces of reclaimed wood, you need a dry spot. Here are some tips on properly storing wood projects for the winter: Workshop If you have an area that you use as...
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  9. Wood Projects for Halloween

    The traditions of Halloween call for activities like telling scary stories, playing pranks, trick or treating, besides costume parties, the carving of pumpkins and others. You can keep visitors to your home enthralled and excited if you have porch decorating in the form of wood projects that further the spirit of that day of observance. The objective of these wood...
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  10. How to Create a Wood-Plank Wall

    Instantly add depth, texture, and natural beauty to any room in your home with a wood-plank wall. It's both easy and inexpensive to do and will create a focal feature for a space using reclaimed wood. Here's a simple how-to to help you create a wood-plank wall: Choose the Wall The first step is to choose the wall that you...
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