Buy Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Looking for a fast and simple way to upgrade your flooring? Panel Town offers multiple engineered and solid varieties to make buying prefinished hardwood flooring much easier. Our prefinished hardwood flooring designs feature ingrown bark and hand-scraped surfaces, both of which lend their own unique character to the wood. These styles look great in kitchens, side rooms, basements, offices, workrooms, and any other space you can imagine a remodeled look. Add a new dimension of character or revitalize an otherwise dreary room with these fresh, inviting, and beautiful wood finishes. Click on individual product listings for complete details before you buy our prefinished hardwood flooring. Any questions? Contact our hardwood flooring suppliers, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Prefinished Ingrown Bark Hickory 3-1/4″ Hardwood Flooring

$5.49 sq. ft.

Prefinished Hickory Sticker Stained Flooring 5-1/4″

$4.99 sq. ft.

Mullican Wexford Cascade Sawn Engineered White Oak Hardwood 7″

$6.99 sq. ft.

Somerset Prefinished Red Oak Natural Builder Flooring

$4.39$4.49 sq. ft.

Prefinished Vintage Hickory Saddle 4-1/4″ Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

$7.49 sq. ft.

Somerset Solid Homestyle Collection

$6.29$7.59 sq. ft.

Gunstock Oak Builder Engineered Flooring

$4.99$5.39 sq. ft.

Raintree Aspen Estates Collection

$6.99$7.79 sq. ft.

Sheoga Graceful Collection – Prefinished, Clear Grade Walnut – 3/4″ x 3-1/4″

$12.89 sq. ft.

Sheoga Prefinished 4-1/4″ Vintage Hickory Provincial Flooring

$7.99 sq. ft.

Character White Oak Natural 3/4″x 3-1/4″

$8.99 sq. ft.

Mullican 3/4″x5″ Nature Hickory Provincial

$6.79 sq. ft.