Pallmann provides hardwood floor cleaners, floor finish, sealers, adhesives, primers, sanders, and more. With Pallmann, you get hardwood flooring products that are both innovative and of the highest quality. You can find everything you need to install, finish, and maintain beautiful hardwood floors. Order Pallmann in store or online at Panel Town & Floors.

Pallmann Hardwood Flooring Products

Since 1900, Pallmann has been developing and producing a full range of quality products for the installation, renovation, and maintenance of wood floors. PALLMANN® is a German company with worldwide reach. Their products include leveling compounds, adhesives, floor sanders, finish and surface treatments, and hardwood floor cleaner.

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PALL-X 96 NEXGEN Water Based Finish


Pallmann PALL-X POWER Water-Based Finish


PALL-X CLEAR Water Based Sealer – Pallmann


Pallmann PALL-X COLOR Water-Based Sealer


Pallmann PALL-X Gold Water-Based Finish


PALL-X WHITESEAL Water Based Sealer


Pallmann P108 Defend


Pallmann P104 TURBO Primer and Vapor Retarder


Water-Based Roller – Green – PALLMANN®


Threaded Insert for Tools – PALLMANN®


10″ PALL-X Bond Roller – PALLMANN®


Extension Pole – PALLMANN®