The Best Wood Floor Adhesive for an Impeccable Installation

Choosing the best wood floor adhesive for the job is an essential part of every glue-down or nail/glue-assist installation. Adhesive helps you achieve a flawless result and saves you from callbacks, which speeds up your production. As the demand for wide plank wood...

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How to Select an Engineered Hardwood Wear Layer

Engineered hardwood is strong, durable, and long-lasting. The wear layer, also called the top layer, is always made of real wood. The core layers are manufactured using multiple layers of wood, lumber, or composite. Any wear layer is suitable for the home and, despite...

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Light Flooring Ideas: Proven Ways to Modernize

Light flooring remains a popular choice in 2024. One of the ways interior designers make a room appear larger is by using light tones. Large surfaces provide the perfect opportunity to visually enlarge your space. By opting for flooring with lighter shades of color,...

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