Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Shop for vinyl and laminate flooring that offers all the aesthetic value of real wood but is made of a different material. Panel Town specializes in a wide range of laminate and vinyl flooring selections in a broad scope of colors. Whether you want an appearance similar to slate, oak, tile, or stone – or just about anything else – we’ve got it in our catalog. Some of the greatest benefits of using vinyl flooring that looks like substances found in nature include lower upkeep costs, easy cleaning of spills, long-lasting materials, and faster customizability. Vinyl flooring products also provide better protection against areas prone to water concerns, such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Contact us to learn more about our collection of laminate and vinyl flooring online at Panel Town & Floors.

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COREtec Plus HD VV704 Collection

$5.99$6.19 sq. ft.

COREtec PRO Plus VV017 Collection

$4.49$5.09 sq. ft.

Shaw Endura Plus Collection

$3.39 sq. ft.

MSI Ashton Series

$2.59 sq. ft.

Happy Feet Thrive Collection

$3.80 sq. ft.

Happy Feet Quick Fit Collection

$5.93 sq. ft.

COREtec Plus Premium VV457 Collection

$5.99$8.69 sq. ft.

Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced HD Collection Sentinel Oak

$8.63 sq. ft.

COREtec Plus VV023 Collection

$5.49$6.09 sq. ft.

COREtec Plus VV024 Collection

$5.49$6.09 sq. ft.

Shaw 3011V Tenacious HD+ Accent Collection

$3.99 sq. ft.

Happy Feet Mustang Collection

$3.62 sq. ft.