Hardwood Floor Stains and Finishes

If you’re looking for a high-quality floor stain, oil, or wax to ensure your hardwood floor installation looks remarkable for plenty of years to come, we have what you need. Panel Town offers a wide scope of hardwood floor stain colors and floor finishes for any kind of natural hardwood flooring. Keep your wood floors clear of excess dirt, moisture, dust, and debris with our premium types of hardwood floor finishes. We have dark color stains to add a fresh dimension of character to your floors, transparent sealing finish to preserve the wooden color you already like, and everything in-between. Browse our full selection of hardwood floor stains and finishes now.

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DuraSeal Premium Polyurethane (Formerly Fabulon) – 1 Quart


DuraSeal 550 VOC Polyurethane – 1 Quart


Bona DriFast Oil Based Stain – 1 Quart


DuraSeal Quick Coat Stain – 1 Quart


Bona Traffic HD Water Based Finish – 1 Gallon


DuraSeal Color Fan Deck


Deft Interior Wood Lacquer 12.25oz Aerosol


Bona Woodline Oil Finish – 1 Quart


Bona NaturalSeal Water Based Sealer – 1 Gallon


Poloplaz Polo 1K Waterborne Finish – 1 Gallon


Bona Mega ONE – 1-Component Water-Based Finish


Bona NordicSeal Water Based Sealer – 1 Gallon