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    What Type of Flooring Should You Buy If You Have Pets?

    When it comes to pets, you can expect the unexpected. You can bank that accidents will happen on a daily basis, whether its water spilling out onto the floor as your pet drinks from their water bowl or food crumbs everywhere as they eat their meals. The decision of...

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    The Beauty of Hardwood Floor Wax and Natural Oil Finish

    Hardwood floor wax and penetrating natural oils are proven and practical coatings for residential and commercial use. Already well-established in Europe, they are steadily gaining traction in the United States. Beautiful, durable, and good for the environment, these...

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    5 Reasons To Buy Flooring Online

    Nowadays, more than half of consumer purchases are bought online. We don’t always have the time to drive from store to store in between work, family and our regular errands. Those free days are fun to peruse the stores in person but the everyday schedule doesn’t...

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